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Master your Managing Skills

First things first

  • Find your Genius
  • Focus on today
  • Trust candour
  • Make your enthusiasm
  • Know your minimum requirements
  • Do what you love

Elements of winning

  • Know which battles you have to win
  • Love to win,don’t hate to lose
  • Be relentless,not malicious
  • Depersonalize the contest
  • Authority
    • Good bosses must be great simplifiers
      Good bosses are great informers
      Good bosses stay in the trenches
      Good boss doesn’t need to be a star
  • Soften the sting of criticism
  • Ask Questions before demanding answers

    Criticism should be timely

    Focus on the crime,not the criminal

    Be selective

    Be economical

    Deliver it in person

    Let them do most of the work

    Give them a way out

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