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Great Leadership Signs

Clearhead thinking about why you have been appointed to a work and what those who have placed you there expect of you is prerequisite to clear-minded ,if not predictable,decision making

Knowing where you want to go and what your values are can be essential to getting there,to ensuring that all of your interests amd concerns are factored into fast-moving decisions,and to avoiding later regrets about being less than clear-minded.

If you want trust and compliance when the need for them cannot be fully explained,explain yourself early. If you need information on which you must soon act,ask for it soon.being a person of few words may be fine in a technical position,but it is a prescription for disaster in a position of leadership

If you expect those who work for you to exercise their own judgement,provide them with the decision-making experience now. If you count on them to understand the conditions as best they can,share your past experience with them now. If your leadership depends on theirs,developing responsiblity and sharing stories is a foundation upon which it will reside. Thinking strategically when confronted with a crisis or challenge is a learned skill that requires sustained seasoning

If you have difficult decisions to make and insufficient time to explain them, a key to implementation may be loyal allies who are sure to execute them through thick or thin.establishing those allies now is the only way to ensure that their support will be at the ready when needed,and it will sometimes be needed when it is far too late to be created

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