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Life Healing – Spiritual Intelligence ; Mental , Emotional ,Spiritual Well-being

The human body operates in harmony with the energy system of the universe, it’s a latticework of energies,vibrating at different frequencies,encompassing the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual aspects

Modern lifestyles create havoc our energies and disrupt their health flow,resulting in congestion and blockages,leading to dis-ease

Re-commecting with the ancient wisdom of energy healing methods allows us to empower our body’s innate capacity to self-heal,and return us to our natural state of wholeness

Our Methods –

1. Pranayama

The pratice of controlling the energy flow within the body

⁃ get rid of negative emotions

⁃ Making pattern thinking

⁃ Receive cosmic energy

⁃ Re-wire Brain neurons

2. Chromotherapy

Applying specific colors to parts of the body,colors,each of which possesses its own unique energy vibration and carries its own healing mass

⁃ physical,mental,emotional energy imbalances

3. Barefoot Walking

Make your leg roots to connect with electrons which is in Earth surface

⁃ balance the body’s natural energy rhythms

4. Meditation

⁃ Simple Meditation methods

⁃ Deep Meditation methods

5. Self Acupressure Techniques

⁃ reverse the effect of aging

⁃ Reduce stress,emotion,anxiety

⁃ Increase mental performance

6. Yoga

Specific Physical postures allow flow universe energy in human bodies

⁃ basic 4-7 Yoga asanas Daily Morning

7. Facial Acupressure

Gentle pressure to some points in face that makes to the body’s organs and glands energetic

8. Raw Food Diet

⁃ Daily Food menus & methods

⁃ Diet Methods

9. Healing Visualizations

⁃ Tour & training package available

10. Cosmic Energy Simulation

⁃ Sleeping Methods

⁃ Visualization methods

11. Fasting Healing

⁃ Fasting methods

⁃ Fasting Intervals

More & More in our Professional Training Package


Attention please…

This is the Professional package of Spiritual intelligence for training individuals and Groups

Option 1

Personlized Online Training package for individuals – Monthly payment

Option 2

Offline Training programes for groups / Employees / Students / Entrepreneurs in organized places/ centres

Thank you


Contact us for training Programmes


( Whatsapp | Viber | IMO | Skype )

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