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Scorpio legacy – James bond of the Zodiac

Scorpios are very independent,they have no problem being alone

They crave a partner who understands them emotionally,physically and spiritually,if they can’t have a deep soulful,honest and loyal union,then they would rather be single

When everyone else has stopped believing in you,A scorpio will be there,Scorpio has great power to bring happiness to almost everyone they meet

A scorpio has that type of love that will never die even if you two will never talk again,they will always care for you

A scorpio may want you but a scorpio does not need you , Scorpio has no interest in nice sounding lies and instead of prefers cold hard facts

Scorpio sixthsense enables to intuit things before they happen,they are blessed with a native understanding of the human heart and a great awareness of life’s deep secrets

You can’t find a more complex,all in one person than them

Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do,they intensely love or hate,no middle ground there

They are dark souls & they are not in casual Games,They are unafraid to go after what they want professionally and personally ,They are lovers & fighters , cheating doesn’t fly with them


⁃ one of a kind

⁃ Great kisser

⁃ Loves being in long relationships

⁃ Reliable

⁃ Speaks fluent sarcasm

⁃ Stubborn

⁃ Loves with entire soul extremly

⁃ Very private

⁃ Passionate

⁃ Deep observers

Scorpios tell the truth without fearing its consequences

They are real softies,cool cats

They believe in self-feedback

Scorpio blessed with a deep sense of self

Scorpio is always able to say exactly what’s on their mind

Scorpios don’t let many people in,because they wouldn’t understand the depth of their thoughts

Scorpios are liable to have high sex drive and make passionate lovers.

They have no social fear,they can kick it with anyone

Scorpios are one kind of people who is willing to go down a bumpy road in order to help someone they may not even know


⁃ higher intelligence

⁃ Deeply motive in nature

⁃ Self Protective

⁃ Self focused

⁃ Creative souls

⁃ Bold power

⁃ Sensitive Depth

⁃ Strong convictions

Scorpios always stay with whatever they have committed themselves to untill the end,no matter how hopeless the circumstances are

Scorpios are most intelligence & wisest people you ever find,when scorpio speaks from heart,thats more beautiful than any love song you have ever heard

Scorpios says things with their eyes that you cant put in to the words

Scorpios Bonus

⁃ Remark Charismatic

⁃ Difficult to understand & impossible to forget

⁃ Straight up savage at times

⁃ Can kill you with sarcasm

⁃ Doesnt need your approval

⁃ 100% love me or dont waste my time

⁃ Highly passionate

⁃ Born to rule

⁃ Read people mind

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