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Psychology & Human Behaviour

Some people use your time to escape their own.People unconsciously reveal their secrets in casual conversation.

They criticize what they:

• Fear

• Are insecure about

• Are jealous of

They praise & defend:

• Any idea or quality of others which matches their own.

Listen to what they say, not what your hear.

No one has scarred you like you may think they have.The scar is already there. The wound is open and the damage has already been done years previously, but others in our lives now are blamed because they remind us of our open wounds.

If you want to increase your self-love, learn to be compassionate towards others.If you want to increase your compassion, learn to increase your self-love.

When someone says or does something in person that triggers you,Pay attention to your inner body. Check-in to your energy & notice the change.Focus on your breath & the tension wherever it is, even while talking to them. The feeling will disperse. Keep repeating.

When you compare, your soul has lost immediately.

Yet the ego places first and wins the gold medal

You may find that a deeply wounded person rarely takes responsibility for their words and actions.

⁃ This is because subconsciously fear if they did, their wound would open deeper & further, so they protect themselves by pushing responsibility onto others.

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