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Billion Dollar Daily Routine – Jana

Daily Routine helps people to set their life in a proper system and make miracles in their life..Follow this guide to Get Big

1.Wake up Early Morning before Sun rise – It helps you to dominate your Day in Advance

2.Sit & Meditate – Close Eyes and Focus your Breath,You can touch your soul with your Breath

3.Bend your Body Exercise,Activate Blood Circulation,Yoga

4.Drink enough Water – Water is the driven force of Nature,your body also contains 70% water same as Earth

5.Shower – it helps to clean your Body and mind,you Refresh your Day

6.Read Books,Writings – Your Work/own business related..Keep reading and writing Daily again and again what you deserve

7.Breakfast – Organic-Home made..Grow your own & Cook yourself and have it with Gratitude

8.Start your work with Passion – Work,Or Do your Business which is soul to your life

9.Lunch – Have Your Lunch – Traditional meals which your all bloodline used to have

10.Rest – Take rest after lunch but dont sleep,

11.Play your Evening – Go out and Plya Games or sports which you love

12.Shower – Again Have Bath

13.Useful Hobbies – News | Programs | Novel | Podcast | Youtube | Book Writing |

14.Family Time – Spend time with your family and give your care and love to each one

15.Dinner – Have dinner with your family & Friends

16.Meditate – Small Meditation – Just Close eyes and Rewind your Day,Gratitude

17.Sleep before 10.30 ( 8 Hours ) , Set a Calm place without Phones,Artificial lights,Take some deep breath and fall in sleep with universe

Thank you..

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