Psychology Workshop & Tour

Package inclusions

⁃ Hotels

⁃ Meals

Workshop & Tour

⁃ Psychology Workshop ( Presentation )

⁃ Tutorials

⁃ Tactical Group Games

⁃ Theory Analyze

⁃ Practical sessions & Instructions

⁃ Q & A

⁃ Personalized Training Sessions & Guidance

Program topics

Effective academic strategies:

Time Management

Getting a Smart Start

Setting Goals

Reducing Procrastination

Avoiding Burnout

Impact of mental health on academics

Belonging (Social, Engagement) program topics:

Healthy relationships

Developing your identity

Effective communication

Team building and cohesion

Conflict resolution


Social Skills training

Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion program topics:

Mental Health Awareness and Safety program topics

QPR/Suicide Prevention

Mental Health First Aid

Working with Distressed People


Managing Homesickness, Home for the Holidays, Parent Talks

Stigma reduction

Peer Counseling

Wellness program topics

Building resilience/Bounce Back

Reframing, Acceptance, Sustaining

Stress management

Creative stress relief


Eating and body concerns (e.g., mindful eating)

Binge drinking and drug problems

Sleep Hygiene

Benefits of physical exercise

Yoga for stress relief

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